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Madivala Machideva(also known as Veera Ganacheeri Madivala Machideva) was a popular Legendary, Great warrior, also Freedom fighter and Saint of the 12th century. He belonged to Madivala(Vannar,Rajaka)caste.

Veeran Madivala Machideva fought valiantly against King Bijjala army to protect manuscripts of Vachanas written by Sharanas and transported them from Basava Kalyan. He followed Lingayath dharma given by Vishwaguru Basavanna.

Madivala Machideva was the coeval Sharana of the Guru Basaveshwara.He fought against the communal forces which intended to destroy the Vachana Sahitya literature during the Kalyana Kranti. He was a Vannar at Kalyan. He also worked to define the daily practice of Lingayath ethics.
In his Vachana, he specified Basaveshwara invented Guru (preceptor),the godwin,gnani,Linga, Jangama (Priest), Prasada (Grace of God, holly food, Phala/return for the good deed) and even seven worlds.In another Vachana Madivala Machideva witness the historical truth in a beautiful manner along with other essential aspects Basava Kalyan.

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